Francis Weller

Check out a five-week lecture series by Francis Weller, “Facing the World with Soul”: This series begins October 7.

On Weller’s site,  there is a good interview with him at the New School at Commonweal,

where he discusses the times we are entering, that he calls “The Long Dark,” for which we need to discover inner qualities /strengths not only to withstand them but to contribute to the rebirth process. In the above interview Michael Lerner talks about the five gates of grief that take us to deeper places in ourselves and also to gratitude for our lives.

He is more interested in soul than in the strict Jungian terms of Self, ego, etc., although he has a Jungian background along with a lot else. He often quotes Hillman. Francis has also just written a long Preface to Duane Elgin’s revised edition of Choosing Earth. Also recommended is his The Wild Edge of Sorrow.

Thanks to Lorna Wood for sending the above link and information.

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